Why am I Running 96 miles?

Hello supporters, thank you for visiting my blog. Here I will track my journey to completing a 96 mile run, from Bromsgrove to Anfield, in aid of some very worthy causes.

First and foremost, the driving force of my idea to undergo this feat, is the great work of the Justice for the 96 Foundation. I am a lifelong supporter of Liverpool football club, and feel passionately for the 96 lives which were lost on that tragic day at Hillsborough. Therefore I hope this blog, and my run itself, can help to raise awareness about the plight of those families who lost loved ones at Hillsborough, their achievements to date, and the struggle they still face in their fight for justice.

In addition to this I hope that you lovely people can open up your wallets and sponsor me for this run, in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Steven Gerrard Foundation. I have always supported Children’s charities. The two I have chosen are quite close to my heart, one a local hospital which raises its own funds to support local children throughout the West Midlands. The other a fantastic charity which is committed to making a lasting difference to disadvantaged children.

My run will commence on Wednesday 13th August and I will be “running”; as long as my legs don’t fall off on day two, 24 miles per day. I will be completing the last 24 miles on 16th August 2014, the final mile bringing me past Goodison Park (Everton FC Home Ground), through Stanley Park and towards Anfield (Liverpool FC Home Ground).

Please donate as much as you can by clicking the logo below:


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